2021 Ford Raptor F-150 Full Specs Price & Overview

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Style / Design

At some point in the last decade. Pickup trucks stopped serving as mere beasts of burden and started serving as stand-ins for luxury sedans, family haulers and personality statements. The 2021 Ford Raptor f-150 is all those things and more it’s the hub for your tailgate. It is the mobile generator you want at the construction site. It’s the ideal road trip er with 700 miles of range at a hands-free driving. It can even serve as a make shift office or hotel room. This is the 2021 Ford Raptor f-150 and it’s what happens when you mix a pickup truck with a Swiss Army knife. The Ford Raptor F-150 enters its 14th generation as the reigning sales champion for North America. But Ford isn’t sitting on the laurels that come with sales dominance with this redesign.

2021 ford raptor f150


The f-150 bed is more than just a big tub at the back of the truck for more available tie-down points to an onboard generator system to an especially versatile tailgate this space is one that Ford has poured a lot of effort into let’s start with a new Pro power onboard generator depending on the powertrain.

This system allows users to plug appliances directly into their truck’s bed the least powerful setup available on gas powered models only can provide up to two kilowatts of power well the most powerful arrangement optional and new hybrid PEX 7.2 kilowatts a 2.4 kilowatt system is standard on the hybrid each setup allows owners to plug in multiple appliances to address the task at hand a new tailgate work service lends more versatility giving owners access to a flat surface rulers and even a smartphone holder toilet box is also available while a new high modern camera will allow customers to monitor their cargo at speed.

2021 ford raptor f150
2021 ford f150

Engine / Performance

The Ford f-150 with six engine options a base naturally aspirated 3.3 liter v6 a twin turbocharged 2.7 liter v6 EcoBoost a 5 liter v8 a 3.5 liter v6 EcoBoost a 3 liter v6 turbo diesel and an all-new hybrid model called power boost with a twin turbocharged v6 engine and a 35 kilowatt electric motor each of these engines works alongside a 10 speed automatic transmission unfortunately Ford isn’t releasing output figures for its new truck but aside from the hybrid each engine is currently available on the 2021 f-150.

Interior Design

Now let’s take a closer look inside the all-new  2021 ford raptor f-150. As you can see we have completely redesigned the interior refining. Even the littlest detail each series offers a unique and crafted interior packed with new features and technologies. That will change the truck game for our customers for instance nearly one third of truck owners use their laptops in the cab but there hasn’t been a comfortable way to do it this inspired us to create the interior work surface to offer a large flat work surface that makes it easier more comfortable to work and even eat in the cab revolutionising what it’s like to spend 8 to 10 or even 12 hours a day in this truck.

2021 ford f150
2021 ford raptor f150

Interior Features

The new 12 inch display. The largest we’ve ever offered in f-series trucks serves as the control center for the all-new f-150. And is standard on more than 50% of the lineup. Now we understand truck customers spend many days and sometimes nights in their truck. So we created max recline seats that create a business-class resting experience in the front seats. they fold flat nearly a hundred and eighty degrees with the seat cushion rising to meet the seat back in the shoulder panel adjusting for edit ergonomic support this provides maximum comfort while sleeping in the cab.

ford raptor

Pricing and Which One to Buy

  • XL: $30,000
  • XLT: $35,000
  • Lariat: $45,000
  • King Ranch: $55,000
  • Platinum: $60,000
  • Limited: $70,000

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