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Apple Will Soon Launch iPhone 12 Series | Leaks and Rumors

iPhone 12 will Launched with High chipset and Low Price

Welcome to Templintech. What’s up guys in the iphone 12 leaks are back in the business the current iphone 12 lineup is looking to be a big recipe for success based on the big ‘w’ that apple has just secured. But Apple has not yet commented on the iphone 12 release date. Now before we talk about that tomorrow we could see some new apple products being announced according to john process something is about to happen.

iphone 12 leaks
Mark German says that don’t get excited it’s just going to be an announcement regarding the future iphone 12 and apple watch series 6. Event we’ll see who is right according to john we might see the apple watch series 6, ipad air 4 with the possible face id design tomorrow really excited for it. Let me know what you think will happen in the comment section below.

Full report on global Smartphone sales

Alright so media is back with its full report on global Smartphone sales. And guess what the iphone 11 still is the reigning defending undisputed heavyweight champion of the global sales. Last year it was the iphone XR and this time it’s the successor the iphone 11 with almost 10 million more units being sold than the iphone xr.

1st Half 2020 Global Smartphone Sales

1iPhone 11Apple37.7
2Galaxy A51Samsung11.4
3Redmi Note 8Xiaomi11.0
4Redmi Note 8 ProXiaomi10.2
5iPhone SE (2020)Apple8.7
6iPhone XRApple8.0
7iPhone 11 Pro MaxApple7.7
8Redmi 8AXiaomi7.3
9Redmi 8Xiaomi6.8
10iPhone 11 ProApple6.7

Some wrong company decisions

It’s also worth noting that there’s no galaxy’s flagship phone within the list anywhere which is quite alarming to be honest this year Samsung took some really insane decisions their pricing went to the sky with the galaxy s20 series starting at $1000 all the way up to $1400 with their ultra model and then some even more stupid decisions like launching a plastic super flagship phone for the first time since Samsung galaxy note 4.

Yes I’m talking about the clown aka galaxy note 20 for just $1000 which is clearly a phone which should have been launched for $700 price but Samsung is scared to cannibalize the sales of its ultra model but guess what even with the cheaper iphone 11 and the iphone se launched the pro max and the iphone 11 pro both models made it to the list the only Samsung phone in the list is the Samsung galaxy a51.

If we look at the media list from 2018 the last time we had a flagship galaxy s series phone in the list was when Samsung launched the galaxy s9 and s9 plus. I have to say the galaxy s9 series was really good but too bad Samsung will not be updating those phones to android 11 despite the hardware being so good the s9 family will not be seeing any new update.

2020 Flagship level smartphones with cheap price (game changer)

So again in 2020 a phone with a notch and LCD screen is the best selling phone globally you might be thinking how that is possible.

I think it’s only due to three main reasons where most consumers quite concentrate to first up is that the price then the flagship cameras and eventually the flagship processor. You see not everyone is interested in buying the ultimate pro max ultra max flagship phones there has to be a middle ground flagship phone.

That has those core flashy features but at the same time it has to have a really attractive price apple took this concept to an even more affordable level with the iphone se 2020 and as you can see it has already made it to the list guys it’s all about the game of value apple were the first one to touch the 1000 mark with their iphone x and everyone thought that in the future the pricing will go way beyond but they actually kind of stared at that level whereas other brands jumped way more again all about game of value.

iPhone 12 Leaks Screen Size , Processor  and Cameras Specifications (and not confirmed iphone 12 release date)

iphone 12

Let’s take a look at some of the iphone 12 leaks. Apple knows it which is why they are literally doing everything they can to keep the starting price of the iphone 12 5g series at 6.99 similar to the iphone 11 despite having 5g and all the expensive features where if you look at the rivals their pricing has gone way up compared to the previous generation all due to 5g knowing that there are several countries out there who do not have 5g connectivity yet we have to pay the same amount for the features.

We can’t really take advantage of so now apple is the one giving cheaper flagships this year we’re looking at four iphone 12 models with the starting iphone 12 being the most powerful compact flagship on the market. Right now there is no competition at all like no android brand is interested in making combat flagships anymore which is why it’s gonna be a very easy win for apple. There is no discussion about the launch date of iphone 12 yet.

I won’t be surprised if the iphone 12 again becomes the best selling phone globally now because of the current success apple is coming strong with reported orders of whopping 75 million units of the iphone 12 5g series with eventual expectation of shipments crossing 80 million units Bloomberg further reports.

That the design of the iphone 12 series and the features were finished before the pandemic. But some final testing was heavily affected hence it has caused the major delay it’s also being reported on Bloomberg that the iphone 12 pro max model has the most improvement out of all the iphone 12 models particularly in 5g it’s gonna have the millimeter 5g wave which is faster than the sub 6 gigahertz 5g wave which we’re gonna see on the other models what’s important to note again is the pricing they’re once again expected to start at the same price as the 4g models from last year.

iPhone 12 Launch Date | Leak

There is no discussion about the release date of iphone 12 yet. Now iphone 12 series is expected to get launched in two stages according to digi times apple might launch iphone 12 6.1 inch models first and then 5.4 and 6.7 inch’s models in November. John process says that non-pro models will get launched first and then pro series in November whatever happens one thing that is common is that the launch will happen in two stages so a brand new square design a new dark blue color apple a14 big camera games all that is coming super excited for the month of October. But not leaks exist launch date of iphone 12.

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