“Custom javascript is not allowed” amp error 100% fix

"Custom javascript is not allowed" amp error in google search console 100% fix the error | easy steps and follow me

Welcome to Templintech. Nowadays this issue is common in all sites “Custom javascript is not allowed”. Do you have a website hosted on GoDaddy. That is implementing Google AMP. If you want to fix the issue so read this article complete. So if you know our attention earlier. This week that GoDaddy has been injecting a custom JavaScript code into all the sites that it hosts. And this has been causing errors within Google search console for websites.

That are trying to implement amp or accelerated mobile pages this project does not allow for custom Java scripts to be running on amp pages. And this script that go that has injected into all of its sites is causing this error. So this article is going to show you how to check to see if you have this problem and how to fix it really is an easy fix. If you know what you’re looking for and where you need to go to make the changes.

“Custom javascript is not allowed” amp error in google search console – Lest’s Go FIX The Error

So let’s check it out so the first place that you’re gonna check whether you actually have this problem or not is going to be in your google search console if you login you go down to on the left hand side where it says enhancement and click on amp you’ll see if there are any pages and in this case there were some problems here we had a number of pages that were considered to have custom JavaScript that was not allowed.

1). So what we had what I had to do was login to GoDaddy. And we go down to the hosting I’m actually gonna do it for this one right here we’re gonna click on manage and right next to this to this button.

custom javascript is not allowed

2). We have these little these three little dots we’re gonna click on that. Click on help us.

custom javascript is not allowed

3). And we’re going to opt out you see there they’re super unclear about what this actually is basically what they’re doing is injecting a some code onto your website. They’re basically hacking your website and and putting and collecting data there that they say they’re being they’re using to improve the performance of the servers this is usually harmless unless you’re trying to implement amp. Because the script that they are injecting into your amp pages is not allowed by the amp project. Follows Us On Twitter

custom javascript is not allowed

Method 2 – how to fix Custom javascript is not allowed amp error

  1. First of all, you have to open your Godaddy account.
  2. And then click web hosting manage button.
  3. Click Godaddy Analytics.

custom javascript is not allowed

4. Step 4 check no and click confirm.

custom javascript is not allowed

Now how do you check if this error has been solved or not?

  1. Sign in google search console.
  2. Click AMP on left sidebar.
  3. Open “custom javascript error”
  4. Copy any URL that is in your error.
  5. Click URL inspection on left in sidebar
  6. paste url and then enter
  7. and then click test live url
  8. Then your report will look like this. (Your error has gone Welldone)

custom javascript is not allowed

Note: If you do not solve this error then this error may cause problems in your site ranking.

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  1. Thank you sir for your help. Sir, this error has been solved by Method 2. But I didn’t have the option (help us opt out). But the method 2 was very helpful to me. Thanks Templintech.

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