How To Get Free CDN From CloudFlare

Free CDN For Wordpress Website

Welcome to Templintech. Now we’re going to look at. what is a CDN or content delivery network is a CDN is a service which provides data storage across multiple servers the right way across the Internet. the advantage to that is that when someone’s trying to load your website. it actually loads faster and this gives a better user experience.

So how can this help well when someone’s trying to buy something from your website. if someone comes there the site loads really fast. they’re going to have a better user experience. and therefore you’re going to get more sales amazon. say that’s worth millions to them every year. helps you get more traffic from search engines google alike sites that load fast. it gives them a higher ranking because users have a better user experience with those sites. so a CDN is more than just hosting that content online it provides a huge raft of benefits to your company.

How To Add Website In Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Step 1: Create Account on Cloudflare

The first step is to Create an account on CloudFlare provides free SSL So to create the account let’s go to www.cloudflare.com And then click sign up Now enter your email & password And click create account. Okay so now our account is created.

how to get free ssl certificate for godaddy

Step 2: Add Your Website On CloudFlare For Free CDN + SSL

Next let’s go to step two. Which is to Add your website to this account. So just enter your website name And then click add site. Then click Next Now select the free plan “If you want to get free” And click ok. Then scroll down And click continue. Okay so now your site is added on CloudFlare.

How To Get Free SSL

Step 3: Change Your Nameservers

So next let’s go to step three. First let’s login to godaddy (Or another website from which you bought your domain). So we’ll open a new window And then go to www.godaddy.com. Now click sign in And then sign in into your account.

cloudflare free ssl

To get free CDN from Claudflare website. You have to change the nameserver. so now to change the nameservers of this domain. Just click DNS And then scroll down to nameservers And click change.How To Get Free SSL Certificate

Presently click here And select custom And now here you have to enter the details which is given in cloudflare. So we should go there And then copy the 1st value And paste it here. Then copy this one And paste it. Now click save So now we have successfully added the nameservers To our domain. So let’s go back to cloudflare And then click continue. Now to check if the nameservers are changed Let’s click recheck now. And you will get this message. And now if we click refresh If you see a green icon Which means your nameservers have been changed. Now even if you don’t see this green icon immediately. You can still go to the next step. And everything will work at the end of this article. So once you have added your nameservers.

How To Get Free SSL Certificate

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