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The Best Free VPN For PUBG

You can remove the ban on PUBG. And you can play PUBG easily

Welcome to Templintech. Now I’ve tested quite a few VPNs over the years and I braved quite a few terrible. Ones in the search for free VPN that I really liked. When I was in college and on a tight budget free VPN are all I could really use.

The Best Free VPN (virtual private network)

However I finally found a free VPN. That I think really covers the basis and that is proton VPN. While proton VPN does offer paid service plans. The free version is surprisingly generous and here’s why.

Data Limits

First and foremost the free version of proton VPN doesn’t limit your usage of data while using the VPN itself. This may sound like a no-brainer but many if not most of the free VPNs on the market today cap your data usage at 500 MB’s or one GB per day on the free plan. Which gets eaten up really fast even just browsing the web. These days with all the content out there now.

I will caveat this by saying that as a free plan user your internet speed will fluctuate as the free servers tend to get heavily loaded. But I found that in my experience I was often getting solid response times while using it despite the internet and slowdowns at peak times. The fact that you get unlimited data for free. Though is unbelievable this benefit alone is enough to make the case for using proton VPNs free version.

Security & Privacy

Proton VPN is operated from a very cyber security focused and privacy friendly jurisdiction Switzerland. And this means that there are stringent guidelines for the security of the platform. And how its operated as a user even on the free plan. You can expect that your data is encrypted at all times and that your information is not being logged on their servers mined and then sold for a profit. Furthermore their apps are all open source. Meaning you can and people have audited them for backdoors malicious code and more and that helps. You feel safe knowing that the application you’re trusting with your data is not up to anything fishy.


Finally during testing the free version of proton VPN was found that not to be guilty of the cardinal sins of VPNs and that would be IP address DNS or WEB RTC leaks. Which is a critical test for VPNs in the market in terms of their security. Now there are things that are not so great. And the first of those is the limited server locations that you have access to on the free plan.

Negative Points

1). Few Free Servers

2). No Streaming Support

3). True Cost of Free

The Paid Plans

Question: Why Pay For it? If the free version is so good.

The question why pay for it if the free version is so good. I believe that the team is confident that free users will love the product so much. That no want the extra speed that they’ll be calm paid users over time. And I will say the speed difference between the paid plans and the free tier is noticeable. Especially if you’re on it for a long period of time you’re going to notice the periods where things are loaded up and when things are slower. Again this isn’t surprising.

But before I forget either in the comments section down below. Please do let me know what you think about proton VPN I’m genuinely curious how people feel about it.Follows Us On Twitter.

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  1. Thanks! i didn’t know that you can use VPN for pubg, i was kinda sad that the game was banned but thanks to you i can play it again.

  2. yaar best vpn konsa hai mujhe pakistan me block sites use krni hain :-) please try to understand dude!!! i’m single proton k ilawa konsa vpn meri madad kr sakta he block sites ko use krne me

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