Have you seen the ‘IT’ movie. Do you know the truth of this movie?

IT Movie Based On Truth Story

Welcome To Templintech. We have all seen how stephen king’s novels. Can take us to other dimensions or give us a glimpse of them by showing us interactions of beings. From other worlds in our own time and space. Sometimes these beings form part of our reality. But claim themselves that they’ve come to our world from a timeless or spaceless dimension.

And have been here from the beginning of ages. Here is the true story about (IT movie). You should know about before you watch the (IT movie). Originated before the universe itself in an alternate dimension known as the deadlines. Not much is known about the dead lights. But that it is where Pennywise claims to be from sometimes going as far to claim that he is the dead lights anyone.
  it movie 

True Story Based Movie ‘IT’

Who sees the dead lights goes instantly insane and only one person has ever seen them and survived its true form exists solely in the dead lights. no one has ever seen Pennywise this true form while the giant pregnant female spider that appears in the climax of the novel is considered as close a representation to its true form as anyone will ever see as the dead lights is a realm beyond the physical and thus unable to be contemplated by the human mind it terrorizes the town of Derry Maine every three decades ish it came to earth in an asteroid during prehistory.

But didn’t wake up until the year 1715 from there it hibernates for roughly 30 years the shortest hibernation being 24 years and wakes up again to feed on the fear of citizens of Derry its awakening is usually spurred by an act of extreme violence in the town it takes the shape of the thing its victim fears most what better way to feed on fear than to actually scare your victim the miniseries played with this idea a bit but Stephen King’s novel takes it a lot further Pennywise actually takes the form of a shark from Jaws and one memorable scene it can be invisible to whoever it doesn’t want to see (IT movie).

Most of the time it’s just a kids who are able to see Pennywise and no one else it only shows itself to the person or persons it is targeting so while one person in a crowded room may be able to see (IT movie) no one else will it’s enough to drive you crazy thank you for read this article.  Follows Us On Twitter


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