Honda Accord 2020 Price Specs and Features

Honda Accord 2020 with new Honda Sensing Features

Honda Accord 2020 Style / Design

What you’re looking at here is a totally new generation car. And in fact it’s the 10th generation of the Honda Accord 2020 lineage which started way back in 1977. This new car is lighter more rigid and the bodywork is peppered with aerodynamic refinements. When compared with the 9th generation. Which came before it. It looks great too the new Accord sports a coupe ER roof line. But is strong on Honda’s rather unique design language throughout it’s more restrained than the Civic though and fans will appreciate that both inside and out Honda will only offer.

The Honda Accord 2020 in one spec level the VTI LX which is as high as it goes the brand has rather low sales expectations for this sedan of only a hundred and fifty units a year. It’s a bit of a different take on the mass-market approach used by its primary competitors. The Toyota Camry and Subaru Liberty.

Honda Accord 2020

Engine Performance.

That single grade is split into two engine options over on this side. You have a 1.5 liter turbo which will be familiar from other cars in Honda’s range although slightly different in this implementation and on this side you have a 2-liter hybrid this one’s perhaps the more interesting of the two as it’s the first model in Honda’s renewed hybrid push.

Honda Accord 2020


Despite what the demographic for the Accord might suggest you’re still getting a really high-tech interior you’ve got a semi digital dash in here with all the readouts you might expect a touch screen with apple car play and android auto support and down here you have a wireless charger and USB outlet that media system is showing its age though and despite the really comfortable seats that I love there are some features that I’m not entirely a fan of in here this wood grain dash for example is clearly just a sticker there’s no texture to it at all and the weirdly upright gear knob is just a little cheap compared to some premium competitors.

On top of the media suite and aforementioned features the Accord also scores some properly upmarket features suited to a luxury sedan like a head-up display noise cancellation from the inside and heated seats packaging is one of Honda’s strong points and this new Accord absolutely delivers folks in the front get luxury Thrones large storage areas in the doors and center console and the brand has even managed to reduce the size of the a-pillars for better visibility in the back seat there’s leagues of legroom but Headroom was surprisingly limited and the c-pillar makes it a tad tricky for getting in and out there’s a plush armrest USB ports and even a ski port back there too.

Honda Accord 2020
Honda Accord 2020


That brings us to the boot which is one of the Honda Accord 2020 best attributes. This is because it doesn’t matter whether you buy the hybrid or not you still get the same large storage area. This is because Honda has managed to mount the batteries under the rear passenger seat. While we’re on the topic of batteries well you’re probably wondering by now how does the new Accord Drive.

Honda’s Safety

The Accord gets Honda’s full safety sensor suite. Which includes auto emergency braking lane keep assist adaptive cruise control driver attention alert and Honda’s weird signature Lane watch camera in place of blind spot monitoring. Follows Us On Twitter.

Honda Accord 2020 Price and Which One to Buy

  • LX: $23,870
  • SPORT: $26,530
  • EX: $27,770
  • EXL: $30,270
  • Touring: $36,100



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