How To Create a Wordpress Website in Just 15 Minutes – Step By Step

How To Make a Wordpress Website For Beginners

Today I’m gonna show you how to create a beautiful wordpress website for beginners in just 15 minutes. Its very simple way To Create a Wordpress Website. Hi guys wellcome in my Website Templintech.com. first of all buy a good domain + hosting for your website.

Step 1: How to buy a domain name ?

How to build a wordpress website. if you make a wordpress website or blog but first you have to buy a domain. I’m gonna show you. how to buy a domain name or a what we call a web address alright so let’s go ahead and get started so here we are in the home page of GoDaddy and basically you’re going to start with a domain search you’re gonna click on this search box and you’re going to type in a name that you are interested in purchasing. in this case I’m gonna try to purchase my own personal name which is Templintech so I’m a type that in and when I click go alright so here’s the results and it’s gonna tell you what’s available and it says right here sorry Templintech is already taken.

how to make a wordpress website

“When your domain is not available. So you can buy this domain to another extension”

So unfortunately as much as I highly recommend a dot-com name I’m gonna have to settle for something else now you can try different variations to see if you can find a dot-com name but in this article I’m gonna go ahead and just purchase the Templintech dot online which is down below and it’s priced at 799 I’m gonna go ahead add that to my cart and it’s gonna ask you if you want to buy the domain name only or if you wanna for an additional fee by the Privacy Protection now I do personally recommend buying the privacy protection because it prevents people from seeing your personal information online so if you don’t want people to see your home address and phone number and such an email address.

What do you want to buy privacy protection?

Then I would recommend you buy this privacy protection for an extra seven dollars. or so it’s definitely worth the privacy so I’m gonna go and click Add and that to my cart okay we’re all set I’m going to scroll back to the top and click continue to checkout all right so now they’re gonna ask you if you want to buy web hosting or an extra email for your domain name now in this case I’m going to show you how to do all those things in a separate article so you’re gonna click know things all right so now they’re asking you if you want to upgrade for a certain level of subscription term they get automatically default at two years.

how to create a wordpress website

“I recommend that you purchase the domain for one year only”

If you are planning to buy a create this business for long term. which you should thinking for the long-term you could purchase anywhere from one to ten years. I’m going to go ahead and just go with the lowest commitment at this time. which is one year and then after a year you’re gonna renew. so we’re gonna go ahead and click on one year. and then it changes your pricing and it’s gonna ask you.

If you want to buy other matching domains so if you are want to basically have the monopoly on you know. for example Templintech and I don’t want people to be able to purchase the dot org I could buy up all of them and then nobody could ever have access to that type of domain it’s really up to you but for me I’m gonna go ahead and proceed to checkout so my total so far is five thousand five hundred forty-five Rs all right so if you are a new customer you can go ahead and click the orange button here and basically sign up and then they’re going to ask you to fill out some billing information this is pretty standard.

how to create a wordpress website for beginners

Payment Method

Go ahead and fill that out and we’ll see on the next screen. okay here we are the billing information screen. and they’re gonna ask you for your payment method. so obviously you can pay by credit, debit, PayPal, and gift card whatever you prefer. so go ahead and fill out that information. and then we’ll see you in the next screen. all right so there it is so you just purchase your own web address. and in this case I purchased Templintech dot online. and hopefully we’ll get you started on your first web address.

Step 2: How To install Wordpress on Domain / Hosting ?

I show you How to install Wordpress on domain/hosting. if you buy a domain. So you can move on to the next step. First of all Sign in to your GoDaddy account and click My Products. Scroll down for next process Web Hosting and then click Manage. You will see a listing of all your hosting accounts and domain names. Notice that CPanel appears under the Manage button. Click Manage to open CPanel. This is the CPanel dashboard. Now we can install WordPress. Under Web Applications, click WordPress. Installatron opens to an Overview page about WordPress. Let’s keep going and click Install this application.

How To install Wordpress on Domain

Step 3: How to Create a Wordpress Website ?

We will learn on step 3. how to create a Wordpress website for beginners. First of all Login Wordpress. and Your login URL will look like this:  http://www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin.

how to create wordpress blog

and click plugins on left side. then click upper side add new button. search plugins name and install these plugins. SEO YOAST, Classic Editor and Coblocks.

how to install plugins on wordpress

how to install theme in wordpress then go to appearance and select theme and then click install.

How to create post or page in Wordpress ?

Right click posts in the left menu. click the add new button. to create a new post. type a title in the text box that reads enter title here. this title appears is the main heading. at the top of the page. once it’s published. this is also what appears in the navigation menu. when you add a post or page to the navigation menu. type your content in the content box. as you can see here to format text. you can first select it by clicking and dragging your cursor over it. you can format your text in a lot of different ways. bold underlined italicized color whatever you want to do to insert an image.

how to create post in wordpress

How To Set Image or Video in Post

Click the add Media button. if the image has already been uploaded to your WordPress site. select from the media library. and click insert into post. so if you haven’t uploaded your image previously to the Wordpress site. go back to add media. and then click the upload files. tab open the images location on your computer and windows explorer. and then drag and drop the image from your windows explorer folder to the page.

once it’s done uploading. click insert into post all right in the category section. click the blog check box to have the post appear in your blog every blog post should have a featured image. set this featured image appears as a thumbnail image. next to links to this blog post throughout your site. for example in the bottom of your home page in a recent post section. or any other reference to the blog post.

how to set featured image in wordpress post

How To Set Featured Image In Post ?

So to set the featured image click set featured image in the featured image area either upload a new image or select the image you want to use from your media library and then click set featured image before publishing the post you’ll want to see how it looks first so click the preview button a new tab or window will appear in your internet browser to show you what the page will look like once it’s published once you’re done previewing the page click the close button for the tab and go back to the browser window or tab that has WordPress open make any final changes the content of the blog post and once ready click the publish button. “I hope you to create a wordpress website”

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