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What to expect from iPhone 12 series

iPhone is repeating its old design. The iPhone 12 design similar as iPhone 5 design

Hey guys it’s templintech with apple explained. In this article we’re going to talk about what we can expect from apple’s new iphone 12 to be released about one month. From now i do want to add the disclaimer that all the information. I’m about to share is based on rumors. There has been no official information released by apple regarding their new iphone and i am in no way affiliated or employed by apple.

iPhone 12 Design and Colors

So let’s start by talking about the new iphone 12 design. Supposedly it’s going to feature a flat stainless steel edge. It’ll have a smaller notch it’s likely to be narrower instead of shorter also we’re likely to see thicker antenna lines likely to accommodate the 5g connectivity. And they’ll be one less speaker hole on the bottom right side of the grille. There’s going to be a power button located in a lower position than it’s now with the iPhone 11 and 11 pro models also the camera lenses are likely to be larger. But perhaps one of the most striking new design features will be its new navy blue color which will replace the forest green. That we saw with the iPhone 11 pro models that was so popular.

iPhone 12 Sizes

Next i’m going to talk about the new sizes of the iphone 12. We’re going to see four different models that come in three sizes 5.4 / 6.1 and 6.7 inches. But let’s put these in context this 5.4 inch iphone 12 is going to be almost as small as the 2016 iphone se. Apple has never made an iphone this small since then and compared to the 2020 iphone se it’s significantly smaller.

Next let’s take a look at the mid-tier 6.1 inch iphone 12. it’s a little bit larger than the iphone 10 but significantly smaller than the 11 pro max. And finally let’s add the 6.7 inch largest iphone 12 to this lineup and we can see it’s comparable to the 11 pro max although it is a little bit taller.

iphone 12 price

iPhone 12 Prices

Now these three sizes as i said before will come in four different models there will be a 5.4 inch iphone 12 price $649. There will be two 6.1 inch models one is going to be the iphone 12 max price $750 and then the iphone 12 pro price is $1000. Now that pro is adding all the professional features we’re going to see on these two top tier models now the last top tier model is the 6.7 inch which is called the iphone 12 pro max. iphone 12 pro max price is $1,100.

iPhone 12 Specs

So let’s take a look at the differences between these models. First the bottom two tiers will have a super retina Oled display but the top two levels will have a super retina xdr display. And that xdr just adds things like a increased contrast ratio and perhaps an increased nits brightness. Also the bottom two tiers will have 60 hertz refresh rate display this is typically what we’ve seen on virtually every iphone before but the top two pro models are supposed to have 120 hertz promotion displays.

Now i have this italicized because rumors have been going back and forth there have been reputable people saying it will have the promotion 120 hertz display. Other people saying it will not that apple changed their mind this could be up in the air. So take that with a grain of salt next there will likely be 4GB of ram with the lower two models with the pro models featuring 6GB.

128GB standard on these iphone 12s which would be pretty incredible that’s a doubling from the previous 64GB based storage. With the option of 256 GB for the bottom two models. But the pro models will have a 512 GB storage option.

There will be two rear cameras on the 12 and 12 max with the 12 pros featuring three rear cameras plus a lidar scanner. And we’ll get into the benefits of that later on also the 12 and 12 max will feature aluminum frames whereas the pro models will have a higher quality metal steel frame.

iPhone 12 Pro New Features

So let’s talk about these new features starting with the lidar scanner. That i had just mentioned and what it does is it quickly and precisely maps your environment and this will allow for greater improved augmented reality capabilities and maybe other benefits that we don’t even know about yet because apple hasn’t implemented them into ios.

iphone 12 pro lidar scanner

5G Connectivity

The next feature is going to be 5g connectivity this is something that will be included with all models and it’s going to be pretty exciting you’re going to get things like 10 times faster speeds on your cellular network you’re going to have a decreased latency by 10 times spectrum efficiency higher traffic capacity this will be a huge benefit for iphones and customers will really enjoy it next let’s talk about the a14 bionic chip this will be included with all models as well and this thing will feature a five nanometer process and all you have to worry about is that this chip will be smaller it’ll be faster and even more power efficient than before which is an incredible achievement and these rumors suggest that this a14 chip could have comparable performance to the macbook pro something i don’t think we could have even imagined five or ten years ago with the iphone next let’s talk about the cameras on these new iphone 12s each model has a different camera system with the lower end models featuring two rear cameras as i said before three rear cameras on the higher end ones but let’s get into the details those two rear cameras on the 12 and 12 max will be a standard and ultra wide lens while the pro models will have a telephoto lens what that does functionally is it gives you a three times optical zoom it’s not a digital zoom it’s a high quality optical zoom and that is improved from the previous telephoto lens on the 11 pro models which featured two times optical zoom also the pro models will have that lidar scanner i previously mentioned they’ll also have improved smart hdr performance that means better low light photos also the pro models will have slow motion 4k video recording and that is at 120 and 240 frames per second lastly the expensive 12 pro max model will feature optical image stabilization for the ultra wide camera lens this has never been done before it’s due to new sensor technology that applies optical image stabilization to the entire camera system instead of individual lenses okay lastly i want to talk about notable changes that anyone buying an iphone 12 should know about there’s two things first there will likely be no power adapter and no headphones included with the iphone 12. it’s likely to simply have the phone itself in a charging cable that’s it also judging by the size of the envelope we may only see one apple sticker included with the iphone 12 or perhaps no more apple stickers included with iphones which would be a disappointment second the cable included which is the only accessory will be made from braided fabric no more plastic charging cables hopefully that will make it more durable and more comfortable to use lastly this is a lightning cable it’s usbc to lightning which means there will be no usb c port with the iphone 12 it looks like apple will be sticking to the lightning port for at least one more year all right guys that is the rumor roundup for the iphone 12. i hope you enjoyed the video if you did don’t forget to like and subscribe so you can see more videos like this in the future

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