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Is Apple going to introduce Foldable iPhone?

Rumors says Apple works on foldable iphone and introduce new eye tracking system

Welcome to Templintech. Now I don’t know when apple will be launching its foldable iphone. But one thing that they have seriously planned for the near future is the apple gloss we have a brand new pattern that describes apple’s new eye tracking tech for its future. Apple gloss the pattern describes that apple gloss will be able to accurately track the users of eyes especially when the head is not moving a new eye tracking system is discussed with a built-in camera. That will apparently take images of your eyeballs and then send all the information to the processor in order to accurately track the movements of the eyes. and I don’t know if Apple is working on a foldable iPhone.

Rumor says apple is also working on airpods 3 and foldable iphone which will be launched in the early 2021

Rumor says that we might see this next year speaking of next year apple is also working on airpods 3. Which will be launched in the early 2021. Also there’s a leak image of airpod apparently this document shows how to charge air pods and it also shows the air power wireless charger as you can see in this illustration so you might actually see both of these things coming soon as well air tags is looking like a really good accessory that will help you to track all your things without any problem no need of internet connection or gps will work hand in hand with your iphone all in all super excited for october. Follows Us On Twitter.

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