Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Review

Capcom released Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, an addition into their popular Resident Evil series, in May 20 2012.

Welcome To Templintech. Capcom released Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, an addition into their popular Resident Evil series, in May 20 2012. Its story is set around the time of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 and it features characters from both of the games.

Its story is based on a group of elite mercenaries working for the umbrella corporation in the time of the outbreak of zombies in Raccoon city check out about raccoon behaviour at  You play as one of these mercenaries with your objective being recovering various samples of the virus and destroying any evidence of Umbrella’s involvement in the incident.

The concept of the story is exceptional but its potential has been very lowered by poor execution and strange choices.

The game play is simply a 3rd person shooter with a lot of emphasis on action. The artificial intelligence that controls the other three members of your team is a bit of a let down as you cannot control their movement and most of the times their own movement doesn’t seem to make sense.

A good example is. you might run into an empty room in which you’ve already cleared and you surprisingly find that they constantly walk into obvious mine traps and keep getting themselves killed which can be frustrating especially to a player who plays a lot of team based shooter games.

The shooting concept is at least functional, with each weapon giving you an average handling as of what you would expect. The weapons however do not feel particularly powerful with normal zombies being lurched and twitched based on the bullet impact and larger monsters like hunters will rarely react to your shots hence making the sense of power that you usually get from a shooter is a bit lacking.

Sometimes it might feel like enemies take forever to die as you and your allies try to unload bullet after bullet on a boss fight or enemy forces. You will tend to run out of ammo more frequently and you will find yourself spending a lot of time looking for bullets in the environment.

Taking out zombies by head shots can be somewhat entertaining due to the splatter of blood that erupts. There is a sense of mutual trust and friendship that develops once you perform tasks like freeing an ally from the clutches of a zombie and healing them at once with a health spray.

Special abilities like blasting a group of zombies into pieces and mine planting will give you a brief moment of joy. The melee attack, may seem a bit overpowered and clumsy but also gives out a good feeling when you are ArchangelMetatron.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

There is also the addition of competitive multiplayer modes where you can play four against four team death matches with each team taking a side of either Spec Ops or USS. One notable mode is Biohazard where teams are assigned to collect samples of the G-Virus and return them to their home base.

The other mode that is also promising is survivor where two teams fight each other while waiting for a helicopter to arrive, which has limited seats hence promoting some very heated action in that dash to escape.

 While Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city is not the type of game that you will expect to win awards, its multiplayer game play is very rewarding and a fresh perspective into the Resident Evil Universe. Those who remember Resident Evil 2 and 3 will at least have a sense of fondness when playing it.

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