Star wars Force Band This is Coolest Gadget For Everyone

This Is Amazing Gadget. When I Wear This Band So I Feel Like Super Hero

Sphero Star Wars Force Band

Hey! Welcome to Templintech. Today talk on Star Wars force band I’ve collected all of the Holocrons value. What that gives you there are a couple of settings. Holocron vault and armory when you have your band set in the force awareness mode which it is right now. Eventually you’ll be able to collect all the Holocrons. That fills out two places in the app. One Holocron Vault which now I have completely filled out. So I have every single Holocron in here. The Rings don’t completely fill there’s always one open them top and these are all just information. So if you click on one that tells. You know here’s an x-wing like I should be oh yeah you have to rotate it.

Features & Functions Of Star Wars Force Band

So that’s all there is for the Holocrons. I’m not going to go through every single one they’re all just information people places weapons ships but the cool thing is the armory. So out of all of the things that have collected there are nine weapons. And I want to show you all the sound effects for them. The first one Han Solo’s blaster. I showed you that in the original it’s the very first one that you get go through here and order. Chewbacca’s bow caster the Han Solo’s blaster. I already showed a TIE fighter this one has turning ability and shoot this one. The x-wing Millennium Falcon has a slow firing rate.

So you can’t go fast or you can a little bit but kylo Ren’s lightsaber. Now because kylo Ren’s lightsaber is built using like a what it was it a cracked crystal or something. It’s always making that crackling noise and you can swing and then you can slash raise staff just gives you a basic it’s like hitting a metal pole on the ground.

Collect Holocrons

This one is riot control button.And then the last one is raised light saber. Now this one is using a stable crystal and that’s it that’s force band. I’ve collected every single collectible you can but that took approximately three days three battery cycles. So I would fully charge it up I’d wear it all day in the force awareness mode collect all the holocrons cash them all in because you have to then do that rotation thing that I showed you in the app where you then unlock them it fills it these two options and that’s it and then once I got them all done I got a little screenshot that said congratulations you’ve collected all Holocrons. Follows Us On Twitter.

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