Toyota CHR 2020

Toyota CHR 2020 Full Specs Price and Overview

Design / Style

Toyota didn’t want to be left behind with their entry the Toyota CHR. I’m not Toyota’s headquarters here in Plano Texas. And this is the Refresh 2020 model. Let’s take a first look. So as you can see looking at the refreshed 2020 Toyota CHR the design changes are pretty minimal. Here this car when it came out in 2018 was already a radically designed car remember it was supposed to be a scion. First but when Scion was discontinued in 2017. It became a Toyota now looking at the front fascia. You can see this particular one here is the limited trim level. It’s the top of the line painted in this black sand pearl with the silver contrasting groove it certainly looks distinctive.

Toyota CHR

Front Side

If you look at the front end you can see slight changes here the grille is slightly different. There’s this new you know trim piece here on the lower part of the grille. And then you have these refreshed LED headlights with new repositioned LED fog lights. And overall it’s still very recognizable as a Toyota CHR. It will definitely stand out. I just don’t know. If I would prefer this car and the black. Toyota wall so offered in red a molten lava color. which is a bright orange now.

Wheels / Alloy & Roof

looking at the side well you can see the wheels are also refreshed these are 17-inch well that you get on the limited they’re a slightly different design the base le and xle Toyota says we’ll have a carryover wheel design it definitely looks good with the body lines there’s also the requisite cladding to make this thing look a little bit more like a crossover remember this is the smallest and least expensive crossover in Toyota’s lineup and dimensions haven’t changed it’s still about 171 inches long this is about 11 inches longer than the new Hyundai venue.

you can see the roof it’s got that color contrast here with the door handles. That are kind of hidden there to kind of make this thing look a little bit like a coupe. This car still very much stands out. So you didn’t need to do too much in terms of the design to change it now.

Hood / Engine

The hood they haven’t changed anything it’s still a 2-liter four-cylinder 144 horsepower only comes with front-wheel drive. And a CVT Toyota sized fuel economy numbers will be updated at a later date now at the back.

You can see very little changes to the design the tail lights look barely changed to me they’re just kind of a incandescent design with a clear lens look the rear bumper is slightly different but really you have to park this car next to the 2019 model to see all the changes but let me hop into the interior because Toyota says they’ve actually made a good deal of changes on the inside now stepping inside the 2020 Toyota CHR.

Toyota CHR


Now my biggest complaint with the pre refresh small had to do with the interior that really reminded me. That I was in a scion product the biggest complaint was that horrible head unit which didn’t have any features. Whatsoever as you can see Toyota has completely replace that head unit. This looks like an 8 inch touchscreen this is the latest Toyota Entune system with apple carplay Android auto Amazon Alexa built-in 4G Wi-Fi LTE. It’s got all of the tech in it that a younger buyer is going to want to remember Toyota is targeting Millennials basically my generation with this vehicle and the lack of tech was a huge oversight. So I’m glad to see Toyota has rectified as you can see this limited grade model has a 8 way power driver seat it’s got leather a leatherette interior it’s got this new gray a headliner.

Toyota CHR
Toyota CHR
Toyota CHR

you’re going to probably not like this interior the door panels are such a soft touch they still have that interesting pattern on the door panels here where it’s hard plastic so remember this is their entry-level SUV offering. And it’s going to reflect that but at least Toyota has completely thrown into the features now Toyota safety signs Pete is gonna be standard so you have adaptive cruise control you have forward collision warning you have Lane keep assist so all the safety tech is here and when this new 2020 chr goes on sale on October 1st it will essentially be just 150 dollars more than the old one which started around $22,000 this limited grade here will be about $26,350+ destination.

Toyota CHR 2020

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