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Upcoming Whatsapp Features 2020

If you use whatsapp so there is good news for you | 2020 New Upcoming Whatsapp Features

Welcome to templintech. WHATSAPP is consistently getting new features, and 2020 is about to bring some seriously handy tricks to the app. It looks about certain that you’re going to find get Dark Mode, plus a fresh feature which will expose fake “catfish” contacts trying to hoodwink you.

1) WhatsApp Dark Mode

The tool expected to launch within the coming months inverts the colors of your screen to make a darker theme for messaging within the dark.

Developers hope the change, which you will have the choice to modify on or off, will reduce the strain on your eyes after many screen time.

And if the newest rumours are to be believed, dark mode also will assist you squeeze every minute out of your battery life.

ou’ll have the choice to link it up to your phone’s Battery Saver mode, reports WABetaInfo.

The site has a powerful diary for WhatsApp leaks, regularly digging into the app’s code to uncover new features.

In Dark Mode, WhatsApp features a black background with white text on top.

The regular display version is that the opposite of this with the white background creating tons of sunshine .

The highly anticipated feature is predicted to enhance user experience and reduce battery consumption.

The feature has formerly been spotted in several beta versions of the iOS and Android apps.

It’s important to notice that the newly found Battery Saver option will only work if your phone has an OLED screen.

Upcoming Whatsapp Features 2020

2) WhatsApp catfish-exposing ‘reverse image search’

Catfishing could become a thing of the past as WhatsApp is reportedly creating a reverse image finding ability for the app.

The new ‘Search by Image’ feature isn’t available yet because it remains being tested but people that check in to be a WhatsApp beta tester may eventually get access thereto .

The feature will allow users to click on images. They’re sent over WhatsApp and search them in Google to verify their source.

This could help to scale back the spread of faux news also as making it harder for people to catfish others by using images that aren’t of them.

WhatsApp claimed to be the version of the messaging tool being tested for its ability to hold out reverse Google image searches directly from the app.

The app uses Google Custom Search to offer it program capabilities.

Upcoming Whatsapp Features 2020

3) WhatsAll self-destructing messages

WhatsApp has also built a feature that seedy cheating lovers are bound to enjoy – self-destructing messages.

The app is testing a replacement sort of message that automatically deletes itself to prevent prying eyes from snooping on your chats.

First cooked up by Snapchat and later “nicked” by Instagram, the auto-deleting post allows users to line a deadline for a way long their messages show.

It helps keep chats truly private, as your conversations are hidden albeit someone knows the passcode to your phone.

WhatsApp is now trialling its own version on Android, consistent with reliable leakers at WAbetaInfo.

The site trawls the code of early versions of WhatsApp to seek out upcoming features before time.

While it isn’t currently available to everyone. WhatsApp is testing the feature on alittle group of users. it’ll likely roll it bent everyone at a later date.

The new tool was called “Disappearing messages” when it first emerged, consistent with WABetaInfo.

But as of the newest 2.19.348 update, it has been rebranded to ‘Delete Messages’.

You’ll be ready to choose whether posts vanish in one hour, one day, one week, one month or one year.

“As the name suggests, any message eligible to be ‘disappeared’, are going to be automatically deleted from the chat,” WABetaInfo said.

The feature will add both group chats and one-on-one conversations.

You’ll reportedly be ready to switch it on or off or change the deadline before a deletion in your settings.

As with any leak or rumour, we will not say needless to say when – if ever – the tool are going to be released to everyone.

WhatsApp should plan to bin it eleventh hour. So don’t hold your breath until we hear something concrete from the firm. Follows Us On Twitter

Upcoming Whatsapp Features 2020

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