What Is Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics - Complete Explained

What Is Google Analytics?

What’s up guys welcome to Templintech. I’m gonna be explaining what is google analytics. And talk a little bit about. How it works. Well it’s just an awesome tool that allows you to track and analyze all of your website traffic. And traffic is just another word for the visitors to your website. If anyone wants to get complete information about their website. How much traffic and what kind of traffic is coming to the site. So this person needs to use Google Analytics.

What does Google Analytics allow you to see

What does Google Analytics allow you to see. well it lets you see a lot of things like how many visitors you’re getting to your website. and where are they coming from Google, YouTube, Facebook how long are they spending on your website. which pages are they clicking on also including what is their age are they man or woman what’s their city or country lots of important data so having a website. but not having Google Analytics is like driving a cruise ship with a blindfold on you have no idea where you’re going and you’ll likely just go in circles without ever finding your desired destination so if your destination is to make those sweet hard-earned dollar bills then this could be important.

How It Works?

How does Google Analytics even work well. let’s say I have a website. and the main goal of this website is to sell a product or maybe promote some kind of service. and then finally get paid for that product or service. and let’s also say that I’m running ads to my website. and I’m running them through Instagram YouTube and Facebook. so now I’ve got four different ways that somebody could find my website.

Google Analytic About Bouncing Of Your Website

Google Analytics will also let you see. how many people are bouncing off of your website. and where they’re bouncing off. so is it on the home page, is it on the landing page, for your product, or are they bouncing off at the checkout cart. that way you can figure out what needs to be improved on your website. so that you can keep people going down that funnel all the way to purchase it. and as I said before you can see statistics about your visitors. such as their age range and whether. they’re men or women and other stats like that that way you can target the best majority demographic and hopefully grow your website.

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