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Xiaomi N95 Electric Face Mask

A Must-Have to Fight COVID-19

Xiaomi N95 Electric Face Mask

Welcome to Templintech. Today I will review the Xiaomi N95 Electric Face Mask. Last time we introduced the Q5 Pro Electric face mask. It quickly became one of the top selling products on eBay despite a wall of the disadvantage so refer in the video like the weight noise it’s still popular product one if there is an electric face mask that’s much lighter and quieter than the Q5 pro yet reusable affordable and effective against the Covid-19 air pollution isn’t that amazing.

Inside The Box

yes we have all of this it’s a Xiaomi N95 electric face mask. The box comes with one electric face mask, there is already one filter attached to it, 5 fresh air filters, we will get to that a bit later and one mask filter.

This is better than the Q5 Pro

Now move to the mask, We can easily disassembled the electric filter module by rotating in a clockwise direction. There is a power button on top of the module, long press to turn on, short press to adjust the speed level. It has 3 levels, even the highest setting it won’t produce that much noise. On the bottom in the micro USB charging port to fully charge it only takes about 30 minutes and can last 4-8 hours depending on how you use it. This is better than the Q5 Pro. As the official guide suggest that we change the fresh air filter and the mask filter every 3 or 4 days. If you wear the mask 5 hours per day, I don’t any problems when you do that, just use the tool that comes with box, easy.

Great wearing experience

As for the wearing experience, it’s great. There are two buckles on the band for you to adjust to fit to your face size. You can also use the hook. If you don’t want to fasten the loops around ears, after all, long time mask wearing hurts our ears.

Xiaomi Claims This mask comfortable for comparison to another mask

Since the mask is made of as the official claims, nano electric fiber and antibacterial melt-blown non-woven fabric. The skin contact is soft and comfortable even after hours of wearing. You won’t feel sore like on the Q5 pro. With the help of the Electric filter module, breathing inside the purely mask is trouble free. I don’t have issues like shortness of breath or sultry feeling. That I would normally experience with a regular mask, you can feel there are some fresh air pump in all the time. In terms of filtration efficiency, the mask has passed the CNAS KN95 test, that means the respirator blocks at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) test particles, of course including Covid-19 carriers. Which are normally measuring between 0.74 to 2.12 microns. It’s enough to prevent you from infecting the virus.

Price $30

“Stay Home Stay Safe”

Alright guys and end of this article. I repeat this worse that you might have heard thousands of times, but it’s true. Stay at home as far as possible avoid social gatherings at the moment wear face mask is in public places, together we fight the virus stay safe. Follows Us On Twitter.

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